A Brilliant Gamble

Should You Ever Work For Free?

Episode Notes

I had a great discussion over elderflower cordial the other day with fellow business ladies about our relationship with money and, specifically, whether you should ever work for free.

Most people who run their own business today create a lot of free content, they blog, they create free downloads, they write for other publications, they do TV and radio spots, they have a podcast! None of this ever makes us money but it takes a huge amount of time and we bring a lot of our expertise to it. So what differentiates the stuff we do for free from the stuff we should be charging for?

In today’s show I share 3 concepts to help you decide whether you should be charging for what you do or not? Which are the bits that have a cash value and which are the bits that have a value that isn’t financial?

I talk about:

I am opening a thread about this on our Corporate Escapees Facebook Group so head over and join in the conversation.

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