A Brilliant Gamble

86 Worldtowning: with guests Will and Jessica Sueiro

Episode Summary

Life moves quickly. If we are not careful, time slips by, and before long, we may realize we never pursued our dreams. That’s why Will and Jessica Sueiro created WorldTowning – a slow-traveling way of life for the curious and adventuresome, for lovers of the world, for those who desire to experience life to the fullest. Driven by a desire to expand their view of the world, enhance their knowledge of a region and establish lasting community ties – anywhere around the globe, I know you'll love this episode from the ABG archive!

Episode Notes

A Brilliant Gamble is all about betting on the world of work changing and taking the risk of saying NO to the 9-5. Work isn't working as it is, that's for sure. And more and more people, myself included, are asking whether it has to be this way? Can we configure a life where work integrates seamlessly rather than requiring us to make sacrifices to succeed?

It was with this in mind that I spoke to Will and Jessica Sueiro - they travel the world with their children, and a hamster called Sunshine, in an RV and have lived in other countries like locals for more than three years. Will and Jessica left their jobs in Boston to take this adventure and now they help others who want to do the same thing through their business, Worldtowning. Their story is fascinating, honest, funny and inspiring.

I was partly inspired by Will and Jessica when I decided to pack up my daughter, dogs and life and hit the road as a digital nomad in Europe. I'm sure you'll enjoy listening and will be inspired by Will and Jessica too!

To find out more about Worldtowning, please visit their website or find them on Twitter or Instagram. Enjoy the show from the archives and, as always, stay in touch!